Can Chiropractors Really Improve Posture?

Chiropractors – you may have seen them videos on the internet, pulling and twisting their patient’s neck or spine. It seems aggressive because of the cracking sound it creates when they do it, but the look of relief from the patient says otherwise. If you have poor posture, chiropractic care may be a useful remedy. … Read more

7 Reasons Why Hugging is The Best Body Healer

As we age, this simple act of hugging can manifest in numerous physiological and psychological benefits, especially for seniors. Hugging carries more than just familial affection. It also encapsulates a profound healing process for your overall wellness. In this article, we will discover into the benefits of hugging, exploring its impact on their physical health, … Read more

Getting Colds Often Might be a Sign of Type 2 Diabetes, Experts Warn

London, UK – As the weather changes, Britons are more prone to catch a cold this time of year. Colds and infections, on the other hand, should not be discounted in people who are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. According to one study, a rise in infections such as the common cold may … Read more

Immunotherapy: What To Know About this Medical Breakthrough – 2023

what is immunotherapy for cancer healing and nutrition uk

Immunotherapy represents one of the most promising frontiers in the medical world today. It’s a type of treatment that harnesses the power of our body’s immune system to fight diseases, offering new possibilities and hope where traditional methods might fall short. In this article, we will discuss what you need to know about this breakthrough … Read more

How to Get Rid of Visceral Fat: 12 Effective Ways to Lose It

how to get rid of visceral fat healing and nutrition uk

Wondering how to get rid of visceral fat? It’s that pesky fat hiding deep within our abdomen, wrapping itself around vital organs and different from the kind you can simply pinch. While it might be out of sight, its effects on our health are anything but out of mind. The dangers of excessive visceral fat … Read more

How to Prevent Dry Eyes: 15 Tips for Lasting Relief

how to prevent dry eyes healing and nutrition uk

You may have blinked furiously at the computer screen, wondering how to prevent dry eyes. This modern-day plague affects millions worldwide and can be attributed to various causes, including long screen time, exposure to dry climates, and even certain medications. The annoyance is real, but the concern goes beyond mere discomfort. Left untreated, dry eyes … Read more

20 Easy and Senior-Friendly Exercises for Sciatica Pain

best exercises for sciatica pain healing and nutrition uk

If you’ve been searching for exercises for sciatica pain, you’re already on the right path to finding some relief. Sciatica isn’t just a pain in the back. It’s a condition caused by sciatic nerve irritation, affecting your mobility and quality of life. While painkillers might offer temporary relief, exercise can be a long-term solution. That … Read more

How to Treat Neck Pain from Sleeping – 8 Effective Ways for Seniors

how to treat neck pain from sleeping

There’s nothing quite like the confusion of waking up and wondering, “How did I manage to treat my night of rest with a side of neck pain?” Addressing how to treat neck pain from sleeping is essential for many who wake up with an unwelcome stiffness or discomfort in their cervical region. While sleep is … Read more

Holistic Wellness – 10 Foot Pressure Point and Their Benefits

foot pressure point

Foot pressure point benefits have long been a subject of interest and research in holistic health and wellness. Reflexology, a therapeutic practise with ancient origins, revolves around the principle that specific pressure points on the feet correspond to different body parts. The significance of foot pressure point benefits goes beyond mere physical relief; it is … Read more

Top 5 Heat Related Illnesses this 2023

heat related illnesses this 2023

Heat related illnesses this 2023 have become a pressing global concern. As the world witnesses an upsurge in global temperatures, the ripple effects on human health are becoming increasingly evident. Not only are environmental ecosystems feeling the strain, but individuals across the globe are grappling with the direct impacts of this change. The year 2023, … Read more