Melanoma: Signs, Symptoms, Treatment this 2024


Melanoma is one of the most-searched words online in the UK today. This is because of the announcement by the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, about her skin cancer. Following her mastectomy in June, the 64-year old former wife of Prince Andrew underwent reconstructive surgery to remove several moles. One turned out to be malignant … Read more

Immunotherapy: What To Know About this Medical Breakthrough – 2023

what is immunotherapy for cancer healing and nutrition uk

Immunotherapy represents one of the most promising frontiers in the medical world today. It’s a type of treatment that harnesses the power of our body’s immune system to fight diseases, offering new possibilities and hope where traditional methods might fall short. In this article, we will discuss what you need to know about this breakthrough … Read more

Cancer Risk in Young Adults – Why Are More Young Adults Getting Cancer?

cancer risk in young adults healing and nutrition uk

The topic of cancer risk in young adults is growing more alarming by the day, especially as we see more people under 50 getting diagnosed. It’s a head-scratcher because we usually associate cancer with older age. So what’s going on? While we’ve looked into genetics and environment, we haven’t given enough attention to what’s on … Read more

People with Early Stage Breast Cancer Will Be Long-Term Survivors, 1 Study Finds

early stage breast cancer

Breast cancer, a ubiquitous and frequently fatal disease, poses significant threats to women worldwide. This exploration, however, hones in specifically on early stage breast cancer, an initial phase of the disease that offers promising opportunities for successful treatment and survival. As the first glimpse into the disease, early stage breast cancer signifies the period when … Read more

Artificial Sweetener in Diet Coke and Chewing Gums May Be Cancerous, New Report Finds

A bombshell report may potentially blow the diet food and drink industry. Aspartame, a prevalent artificial sweetener found in an array of diet and low-calorie food and drink products such as Diet Coke and Extra chewing gum, could be declared ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans,’ according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The implications of this … Read more

The Dangers of Carcinogens in Food – 7 Ways to Avoid It

carcinogens in food how to avoid grilled meat burnt

Carcinogens in food are substances or exposures that can lead to cancer by damaging the DNA in our cells, and, disconcertingly, many of these potentially harmful agents find their way into the food we consume daily. From natural toxins found in certain types of food and artificial additives to byproducts of cooking processes such as … Read more