Editorial Process

Healing and nutrition are the most important aspects of life, which is why our team is dedicated to providing accurate, timely, and valuable information to millions of Brits. 

We are not afraid to spend time

We are astounded by how far technology has come in recent years, which is also why we are able to create this new platform. It enables us to reach out to you instantly and keeps us connected at all times and in all places. 

While innovative tools enable more and more sites to produce content in seconds, we at Healing & Nutrition have chosen to provide you with quality, time-invested, and well-researched content that no Artificial Intelligence can think of or create.

We want to connect with you 

Going through our site, you’ll notice that our tone is approachable and friendly, while also brave and forward-thinking. In addition to being approachable and transparent, we use conscious, respectful language that promotes compassion for all ages, gender, race, and beliefs. 

We use empathetic language to tell stories that are free of judgment, and we make conscious decisions to remove stigma, stereotypes, and bias. 

Healing & Nutrition: The Editorial’s Essential E’s 

How many times have you tried to look up your symptoms on the internet? And how many times have you felt the need to go to the emergency room after reading? This is a common occurrence, particularly among older Brits. We want to put an end to the fear that comes with online information. 

What we want to do is keep you informed while you focus on your healing. Aside from empathic language, we make certain that our Editorial process adheres to the strict and humane three E’s – experiment, experience, and expertise.

  1. Experiment: Research and Development Studies

The phrases “based on” and “according to” appear several times in each Healing & Nutrition article. This is because we take research and development seriously, and we understand how important experiments are in providing our readers with proven information and facts. 

Every day, the Healing & Nutrition Editorial team delves into the most recent medical research to keep you up to date on what’s going on in the world of health, based on scientific studies and evidence.

  1. Experience: Real-life Testimonials and Features

Aside from research and studies, we also consider community voices, such as those who want to share firsthand experiences that can help others understand what they are going through. 

We understand that everyone’s journey will be different, but we are certain that at the end of the day, our desire is to live a well-lived life – and we are here to keep you inspired and determined to do so.

  1. Expertise: Medical and Professional Advice 

To guarantee accuracy, the editorial network of H&N is composed of healthcare professionals and journalists with extensive knowledge in their respective fields from research institutions, professional organisations, and private practises.

These people are chosen by Healing & Nutrition for their extensive knowledge and real-world expertise, as well as their ability to research and communicate complex information in a clear, helpful, and unbiased manner.

This is what we promise you

Now more than ever, we are ready and excited to welcome you to the sought-after path for the healthier and happier life you deserve.

And with our editorial process, we assure you that all the information you get will help you gain the peace of mind you have been looking for – straight from our experiments, experiences, and experts. 

At Healing & Nutrition, we are driven to deliver the best of health.

For humans, by humans.