7 Reasons Why Hugging is The Best Body Healer

As we age, this simple act of hugging can manifest in numerous physiological and psychological benefits, especially for seniors. Hugging carries more than just familial affection. It also encapsulates a profound healing process for your overall wellness. In this article, we will discover into the benefits of hugging, exploring its impact on their physical health, … Read more

Ozempic and Wegovy may cause suicidal thoughts, 1 research suggests

suicidal thoughts wegovy ozempic healing and nutrition

Ozempic or Wegovy is an FDA-approved medicine, now earning a lot of attention for its success in helping people lose weight. Concerns have been raised, however, about the potential link between Wegovy use and increased depression and suicidal ideation. As of September 2023, the number of people experiencing self-harm and suicidal thoughts while using Ozempic … Read more

What is the Relationship Between Depression and Type 2 Diabetes?

the relationship between depression and type 2 diabetes healing and nutrition uk

The relationship between depression and Type 2 diabetes isn’t just a hot topic for researchers; it’s a daily struggle for countless people trying to manage their well-being. Depression often leaves you emotionally drained and physically unwell, while Type 2 diabetes plays havoc with your blood sugar, leading to other health issues. Put the two together, … Read more

Is Humidity Bad For Your Health? Impacts on the Mind and Body

is humidity bad for your health

Is humidity bad for your health? This might be a question you find yourself contemplating as the sticky heat of summer seizes the air, making every task feel laborious. It’s an enquiry that invites exploration into health, weather, and physiology, underscoring the intricate ties between our bodies and the environment. What is Humidity, and How … Read more

Singing to Prevent Dementia Works, 1 New Research Reveals

Singing to prevent dementia has recently gained attention as a promising non-pharmacological intervention for individuals at risk of cognitive decline. This artful and accessible intervention is predicated on the idea that music can help to stimulate cognitive function, potentially slowing the progression of dementia and even, as some research suggests, preventing the onset of this … Read more

How does stress affect eating habits? Your Guide to Stress-Eating

how does stress affect eating habits

Many people often wonder, “How does stress affect eating habits?” Stress is an inevitable part of life, and its impact on our overall well-being is significant, including our eating patterns. As we navigate the complexities of modern living, it is essential to understand the intricate relationship between stress and eating habits to maintain a healthy … Read more

7 Unknown Benefits of Tea – What You Should Know

unknown benefits of tea

Discovering the unknown benefits of tea has piqued the interest of many tea enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals. This cherished beverage has been deeply ingrained in British culture for centuries. Its fascinating history has made it a staple drink in the UK. From social gatherings to quiet moments of solace, tea has been enjoyed for its … Read more

Loneliest City in the UK Revealed – Does it affect their overall health?


Imagine navigating through an urban jungle, surrounded by a sea of faces, yet feeling incredibly alone. Known as the “loneliest city in the UK,” London’s stature as a global city, brimming with diversity and vibrancy, ironically conceals a distressing dimension of solitude. In the heart of the loneliest city in the UK, residents navigate through … Read more

Going Online Reduces Risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, Study Finds

how to avoid dementia

In today’s rapidly ageing society, learning how to avoid dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is crucial for maintaining cognitive health as we grow older. Dementia is a broad category of cognitive decline that significantly disrupts daily functioning, with Alzheimer’s disease standing out as the leading cause of this condition. Preventing or delaying the onset of dementia … Read more