Can COVID-19 increase Cholesterol Levels?

COVID-19 has been associated with persistent cough, exhaustion, and taste and smell abnormalities, among other chronic health issues. However, new studies have suggested a possible connection with high cholesterol. High cholesterol: What is it? According to NHS, a blood level of too much cholesterol, a fatty molecule, is referred to as high cholesterol. It is … Read more

Strong legs can lessen heart failure risk, 1 study finds

Every year, about a million people in the United Kingdom suffer from heart failure, and a new scientific study suggests that one physical trait in particular may lessen one’s risk of having the deadly ailment. How can your legs reduce heart failure risk? Kitasato University in Tokyo, Japan, studied the leg strength of 1,000 people … Read more

Immunotherapy: What To Know About this Medical Breakthrough – 2023

what is immunotherapy for cancer healing and nutrition uk

Immunotherapy represents one of the most promising frontiers in the medical world today. It’s a type of treatment that harnesses the power of our body’s immune system to fight diseases, offering new possibilities and hope where traditional methods might fall short. In this article, we will discuss what you need to know about this breakthrough … Read more

Yoghurt Kills Garlic Breath, 1 New Study Suggests

garlic breath garlic healing and nutrition uk alternatives

When stewing, sautéing, or marinating your favourite meals, one ingredient that cannot be overlooked by any cook is garlic. With its powerful aroma and flavour, even a few cloves of garlic can significantly improve the taste of any dish no matter how simple it is. Best of all, it’s got health benefits as well, having … Read more

What is the Relationship Between Depression and Type 2 Diabetes?

the relationship between depression and type 2 diabetes healing and nutrition uk

The relationship between depression and Type 2 diabetes isn’t just a hot topic for researchers; it’s a daily struggle for countless people trying to manage their well-being. Depression often leaves you emotionally drained and physically unwell, while Type 2 diabetes plays havoc with your blood sugar, leading to other health issues. Put the two together, … Read more

Cancer Risk in Young Adults – Why Are More Young Adults Getting Cancer?

cancer risk in young adults healing and nutrition uk

The topic of cancer risk in young adults is growing more alarming by the day, especially as we see more people under 50 getting diagnosed. It’s a head-scratcher because we usually associate cancer with older age. So what’s going on? While we’ve looked into genetics and environment, we haven’t given enough attention to what’s on … Read more

Is Excessive Sleep Harmful? 7 Helpful Tips to Manage Sleep Schedule

Is excessive sleep harmful? Sleep is vital for human health and well-being. But, as with many things, too much of a good thing may not always be beneficial. This is a question that has been intriguing sleep researchers and healthcare professionals for years.  Understanding sleep, its functions, and the factors affecting its quality and quantity … Read more

People with Early Stage Breast Cancer Will Be Long-Term Survivors, 1 Study Finds

early stage breast cancer

Breast cancer, a ubiquitous and frequently fatal disease, poses significant threats to women worldwide. This exploration, however, hones in specifically on early stage breast cancer, an initial phase of the disease that offers promising opportunities for successful treatment and survival. As the first glimpse into the disease, early stage breast cancer signifies the period when … Read more

Are Cellphones and Brain Cancer Related? 5 Worst Health Risks of Smartphones

cellphones and brain cancer

Living in an era of advanced technology, the ubiquity of cellphones has triggered concerns about potential health risks, particularly cellphones and brain cancer. The radiofrequency electromagnetic fields emitted by these handheld devices have drawn a worrying link to potential carcinogenic effects on the human brain. The issue has spurred intense controversy among scientists, healthcare providers, … Read more

Ear Acupuncture is Effective for Weight Loss, 1 Study Finds

eat acupuncture for weight loss

In the contemporary era, many individuals grapple with weight loss issues. Amidst the onslaught of advice and countless solutions suggested, the effectiveness of many has been widely debated. Ear acupuncture for weight loss has emerged as a fascinating avenue of investigation. Traditionally steeped in Eastern medicine practices, this method has recently gained prominence in a … Read more