How to Get Rid of Visceral Fat: 12 Effective Ways to Lose It

how to get rid of visceral fat healing and nutrition uk

Wondering how to get rid of visceral fat? It’s that pesky fat hiding deep within our abdomen, wrapping itself around vital organs and different from the kind you can simply pinch. While it might be out of sight, its effects on our health are anything but out of mind. The dangers of excessive visceral fat … Read more

5 Healthy Alternatives to Ultra Processed Foods

Due to growing health concerns, alternatives to ultra processed foods have gained significant attention in recent years. ultra processed foods dominate many modern diets, which have undergone multiple processing stages and often contain added sugars, fats, and artificial ingredients.  However, increasing research has highlighted the health risks associated with a diet high in such foods … Read more

What to Eat During Midnight Cravings + 6 Health Tips on How to Manage

what to eat during midnight cravings

At some point or another, many of us have pondered on the question of “what to eat during midnight cravings.” These late-night hunger pangs are common, often striking when the world outside is quiet and the fridge’s allure becomes almost irresistible. While indulging in a midnight snack isn’t inherently bad, our choices can significantly impact … Read more

7 Healthy Chicken Recipes for Weight Loss – Must Try!

healthy chicken recipes for weight loss

Looking for delicious chicken recipes for weight loss? Healing and Nutrition UK has you covered. We understand that embarking on a weight loss journey requires a keen understanding of the importance of a balanced diet that not only satiates our taste buds, but also nourishes our bodies. So in this article, we will delve into … Read more

9 Easy Tips on How to Cut Back On Sugar

how to cut back on sugar healing and nutrition uk

Learning how to cut back on sugar is becoming a vital skill in today’s sugar-saturated world. As the modern diet has evolved, sugar has insidiously found its way into an alarming number of foods, often under the guise of different names and forms. While delighting our taste buds, this pervasive ingredient has also been linked … Read more

Why Do You Lose Your Appetite When It’s Hot? 7 Tips to Keep the Nutrients Running

why do you lose your appetite when it's hot

Have you ever wondered, “Why do you lose your appetite when it’s hot?” It’s a question that many of us have considered while experiencing a diminished desire to eat during a heatwave or a summer vacation in a tropical climate. The human body is a fascinating organism, adapting to numerous external changes. The fluctuating weather … Read more

Caloric Deficit Diet 101 – Your Quick Start Guide to Weight Loss

caloric deficit

Eating various foods from different groups gives our bodies the essential nutrients they need to function optimally. But what happens when we want to lose weight? Is eating healthily still enough? The answer lies in understanding a concept called a caloric deficit. This dietary approach has gained traction as a practical and science-backed method for … Read more

What is Paleo Diet? 9 Foods to Include in Your Plate

paleo diet

Imagine a journey not just through time but through diet and lifestyle – a voyage back to an era untouched by fast food chains and processed snacks. The Paleo diet, often called the ‘Caveman Diet,’ is a compelling venture into this primordial past, promoting a lifestyle that embraces foods our pre-agricultural forebears could obtain by … Read more

10 Powerful Sources of Plant-Based Proteins – A Guide to Healthy Eating

plant-based protein healing and nutrition uk

As the trend towards healthier, sustainable diets continues accelerating, plant-based proteins are increasingly at the forefront. These proteins are derived from various plant sources such as legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds and offer a great alternative to animal-based proteins.  From decoding the protein content of various plants to understanding the potential health benefits and environmental … Read more

Top 13 Foods that Trigger Migraine – What You Should Avoid

foods that trigger migraine

As we navigate our fast-paced, high-stress modern lives, understanding the foods that trigger migraine is increasingly relevant. Notorious for their debilitating effects, migraines can compromise productivity, personal relationships, and overall quality of life.  The relevance of migraines in today’s world cannot be understated. World Health Organization states that migraines are among the top ten most … Read more