Brucella Canis in the UK: Dogs, Disease, and Dangers to Humans – 2023

brucella canis in the uk healing and nutrition uk dogs infection humans

The issue of brucella canis in the UK has recently catapulted into the limelight following alarming news reports highlighting its crossover from canines to humans. However, recent incidents have underlined the gravity of this situation, with three UK residents contracting the disease.  While experts reiterate that the general risk to the public remains low, the … Read more

10 Powerful Ways to Naturally Combat Obesity in the UK

obesity in the uk

Obesity in the UK is a growing concern, with alarming statistics and far-reaching consequences on public health. According to recent data, nearly two-thirds of adults in the UK are overweight or obese, which is expected to continue. Obesity in the UK is linked to various health issues, including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and certain … Read more

Thyroid Cancer in the UK – What Brits Should Be Aware of

thyroid cancer in the uk

Thyroid cancer in the UK has been steadily increasing in prevalence over the years, making raising awareness and understanding the risk factors of this disease critical. Thyroid cancer is a type of cancer that starts in the thyroid gland, which is a small, butterfly-shaped organ at the base of the neck. This gland controls metabolism, … Read more

Bladder Cancer in the UK: National Awareness Month for Bladder Cancer – Signs, Symptoms and Prevention

bladder cancer signs and symptoms

Every year in the UK, May is dedicated as the National Awareness Month for Bladder Cancer – a pivotal movement that seeks to enlighten the public about this prevalent disease. The campaign strongly emphasises illuminating the key aspects of bladder cancer, primarily focusing on bladder cancer symptoms, the incidence and impact of bladder cancer in … Read more

15 Effective Health and Safety Tips during the Rainy Season

health tips for the rainy season in the uk 2023

The rainy season is a time of refreshing showers, cool breezes, and certain health considerations. Recent rain and thunderstorms in Britain worked as a reminder of the rainy season’s power and influence. These weather events have affected the landscape and raised concerns about the potential effects on our well-being. As we witness recent rain and … Read more